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The Burden of Responsibility of Software as a Service

Our relationship and reliance on SaaS has grown progressively over the past 20 years. Industry after industry has shifted to Software as a Service (SaaS). Most major platforms have a recurring subscription model, or are moving to it. We have the illusion of a preponderance of choice. The reality, however, isn’t quite as rosy. What was initially signed up for 2 years ago is now something that we rely on, but have no control over. SaaS platforms come and go. Services go down. Platforms grow and add all kinds of new features. Most SaaS companies optimize their onboarding experience. It’s…

Over the weekend, I got invited to speak at a remote conference organized by Charles Max Wood (@cmaxw). I love a good remote conference, but something was off. Here’s why I will not be participating and why you may want to skip this one too.

DM invite from Charles Max Wood

I trust my intuition, but always try to verify. In the past, I have mostly kept it to myself, but after what happened with @NodeAtlanta. I’m going to try to be a bit more proactive. Too many people were hurt in that incident.


With @NodeAtlanta, I had a bad feeling about it. My…

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Today marks the end of for those of us who have been fighting for representation in the Democratic Party by a leader who is capable, competent and willing to fight for our democracy above self interest.

Someone unwilling to cede to anger and indignation. Someone who does not seek or reach for the benefit of the doubt when challenges occur. Someone who supports those around them. Someone who leads by example.

Now, as before, we have only one choice. Move forward. Continue to dream big. Continue to fight.

15 years ago, I abandoned the Democratic Party to become an independent…

It’s all about you.

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Joseph Jacks lays down in Open Consensus the assertion that Open Source Software will consume the vast majority of current SaaS value over the next 20 years. In concrete terms, OSS Will Eat $385+ BILLION Worth Of SaaS Over ~20 Years. I happen to agree with him, but why? Why has Open Source become the unstoppable force that it is today? Why do folks feel empowered by open source?

As humans, we crave validation. Open source provides us access to satisfy that need in ways that proprietary software cannot. If we are software creators, the best…

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“Why Software Is Eating The World” was published by Marc Andreessen nearly a decade ago. In that time, Open Source has eaten not only all of software, but all of technology. It’s the single best way businesses have found to commoditize their compliments to protect the platforms they want to control.

Open Source Is Eating The World

While ceding control of every aspect of our lives to technology is a truly scary concept for many of us who have helped the industry grow and take over every aspect of our lives, I firmly believe the technological change that’s taking place…

Microsoft has just acquired GitHub… and that’s a good thing. Now what?

Now we should continue to hold Microsoft accountable for their stewardship of our code, our collaborative space and our community.

Let me share my experiences of why I think this acquisition is a good one for all parties.

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An Advocate for Open Governance and the Node.js Community

The open web is a shared asset for us all. Node.js has emerged as a key component of that ecosystem. Some of you may recall that we had a major fork in our ecosystem a few years ago before the Node.js…

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Following Node.js Interactive 2017, I came away with a strong conviction that one of the most important things the Node.js Platform can do is to continue to align itself with the Web Platform. In my Node.js Interactive 2017 Take-Aways, I outline 3 major facts about Node.js in 2017:

  • Node.js is a driving force in the JavaScript Platform.
  • Node.js extends the reach of the Web Platform.
  • Node.js is the leading application language in the Cloud Platform.

Feedback from the Web Platform

Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to share my thoughts and reach out to leaders across the Web Platform for feedback and…

Keynote speaker KimCrayton1 at #NodeInteractive 2017. 📷 source:

Node.js and the Node.js Community

I came away from Node.js Interactive 2017 deeply inspired and confident in the Node.js project and our community. We’ve grown immensely and we need to put in the work to evolve our governance and our processes to do better. Our collaborators are ready to address the challenges ahead and welcome guidance and support.

The vendors who attended and sponsored Node.js Interactive all came away happy. …

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As the Node.js community heads to Vancouver this week for the annual Node.js Interactive conference organized by the Node.js Foundation, I thought I’d take a minute to orient folks on the current state of the Node.js Ecosystem and point you toward the key partners to connect with while you’re at our marquee event.

Node.js in the Cloud

Node.js dominates cloud workflows and is the clear leader in the new #serverless space. IBM, Microsoft and Google are major cloud players with a deep commitment to both the end-user story and are active contributors to the platform.

“I get the clear impression, especially from cloud vendors…

JavaScript and Node.js. Catching up with David Guttman after #OSSummit North America 2017

I just got back from Open Source Summit North America. Jim Zemlin, the Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, brought together an amazing community around a thought provoking event.


The keynotes set the tone. I cried at least twice during the event. One was when Chris Aniszczyk announced the amazing growth in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation AKA CNCF. (We can do better. 📞) But seriously, I was in tears as Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared the collaborative short film, “First Stars I See Tonight”, they had created though HitRECord. The entire spectrum of how this effort came together is amazing…

Dan Shaw

Founder of Cor ( ). Founded @NodeSource , The Node Firm. Always bet on Node.js ✨ he/him

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