Node.js Interactive 2017 Take-Aways

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Node.js and the Node.js Community

I came away from Node.js Interactive 2017 deeply inspired and confident in the Node.js project and our community. We’ve grown immensely and we need to put in the work to evolve our governance and our processes to do better. Our collaborators are ready to address the challenges ahead and welcome guidance and support.

The vendors who attended and sponsored Node.js Interactive all came away happy. Our community and leadership is more diverse than ever and we are being very intentional about empowering new members, sharing new voices and identifying areas of implicit expectations (“tribal knowledge”) so we can document and evolve to explicit expectations.

After Node.js Interactive, we held a two day Collaboration Summit. Many folks came into that process with a sense urgency, with the mindset that we needed to find the right solution, right away and to enact change. As a global technology superpower, we are no longer able to do that. We need to do a better job at communicating to the world that we are on task, evolving our support structure for the project to prepare for the next decade of growth.

Key Facts about Node.js in 2017

Node.js is a driving force in the JavaScript Platform.

Node.js extends the reach Web Platform.

Node.js is leading application language in the Cloud Platform.

Action Items

Here is what everyone of us can do to support Node.js today:

  1. Explicitly empower those who wish to contribute. There are both technical tracks with the Node.js Technical Steering Committee (TSC) and community tracks the Node.js Community Committee (CommComm).
  2. Communicate to your team and peers how your are invested in Node.js. How are you using Node.js today, how much and why? Let folks know that you can help serve as a way finder if there is uncertainty.
  3. Invest in the Node.js Foundation. Supporting a global community of volunteers is a massive undertaking. It requires time and resources. The additional effort we have identified will require both human and capital resources. If you aren’t a member yet, step up. Everyone should be allocating sponsorship budget for 2018. We are returning to Vancouver in October for Node.js Interactive 2018. Start planning now to ensure that strategic initiatives target this release window. Let’s align budget and value and make 2018 the biggest Node.js Interactive ever. We can do this together.

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What did you think? What was your most important take-away from Node.js Interactive 2017?

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