Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren

Today marks the end of for those of us who have been fighting for representation in the Democratic Party by a leader who is capable, competent and willing to fight for our democracy above self interest.

Someone unwilling to cede to anger and indignation. Someone who does not seek or reach for the benefit of the doubt when challenges occur. Someone who supports those around them. Someone who leads by example.

Now, as before, we have only one choice. Move forward. Continue to dream big. Continue to fight.

15 years ago, I abandoned the Democratic Party to become an independent. I found that to be much harder than I’d expected. The system expected me to choose. I kept finding my “independence” associated with fringe groups. That’s not my intent. So I reengaging with the Democrats.

I still see gatekeeping by folks who do not care about their constituents. Who do not have the perspective of lived experience to know how to fight for what we believe in. I will continue to fight that. Not as a Democrat or Republican, but as a U.S. Citizen.

Now the individual who I see as being best equipped for the job of President has had to step aside. Now the individual who has proven herself to be an indomitable force against men who seek to leverage their privilege to hold space.

Men who do not do the work. Men who will not listen. Men who will not accept that they are not the answer. Men who’s response to their limitations is anger and resent. Now that she cannot win the Electoral College to defeat Trump and his feckless GOP enablers.

I am presented with an impossible choice. The good natured but bumbling white dude or the uncompromising and angry white dude. Neither has the substance I want to represent me. Neither is inherently capable of being the leader for me representing strength, hope and unity.

Both epitomize limitations I find in myself which I am still trying to exceed.

To realize my dreams. The dreams I have for my children. I know that I want a stable Union. I know that I want the United States to continue to be a democracy.

Donald Trump has shown through his words and his actions that he does not believe in our democracy. He only believes in himself. He believes that he is the “Chosen One” and the only answer. He has proven that he is none of that.

As a citizen, I advocated for Trump’s impeachment. He was found guilty with irrefutable evidence. He was impeached. Then he was acquitted by a GOP controlled Senate who sought to ignore a preponderance of evidence. Who explicitly said they would do what they did. And they did it.

The GOP-controlled U.S. Senate acquitted a criminal to retain political power. For their own interests.

So, once again, we are presented the impossible. In order to realize our dreams, we must persist and work hard. We must work together.

There are two things at the heart of that dream, that I know to be true:

  1. In order to remove Donald Trump from office, I’m going to have to help the Democratic Party win the Electoral College in November.
  2. To effect change and restore effective governmental oversight, I need to help the Democratic Party gain control of the U.S. Senate by electing viable candidates in November.

Your determination and compassion has provided me with inspiration to fight for these dreams. Today, as you explore your next steps, I hope you will continue to fight with me.

If you’re not able to be our next President, then either Biden or Sanders would be foolish not to build a coalition with you as their Vice President.

I know you will represent me. I know you will keep them accountable. I know that the incredible individuals who work for you and with you will continue to work to enact policy and support effective government.

I will dream big. I will fight hard. I will persist. With you. Thank you, Elizabeth Warren. Thank you, every staffer and every supporter. Together we will realize the dream of a better nation and a stronger democracy.

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