Threadpost on Charles Max Wood’s remote conference

Over the weekend, I got invited to speak at a remote conference organized by Charles Max Wood (@cmaxw). I love a good remote conference, but something was off. Here’s why I will not be participating and why you may want to skip this one too.

DM invite from Charles Max Wood

I trust my intuition, but always try to verify. In the past, I have mostly kept it to myself, but after what happened with @NodeAtlanta. I’m going to try to be a bit more proactive. Too many people were hurt in that incident.


With @NodeAtlanta, I had a bad feeling about it. My outreach to validate whether Zach was legit came up lukewarm. So I decided not to speak, not to endorse and generally avoided it. I wish I had been more proactive in expressing my concerns.

Back to this incident. When I got the invite from Charles, I clicked through to his timeline. Lots of Ben Shapiro retweets. Scrolling further. It’s all white and all male. Not a fit for me. But I still had a feeling there was something more.

I searched twitter and after a bit of a scroll through, there it was. ✨ Charles had been banned from coming to KubeCon. He was THAT GUY. 🙄

Big thank you to, @CHERdotdev for bringing the receipts and establishing a public record.

So, if you have heard from Charles and been invited to speak. Think again. There will be other better opportunities.

😷 Stay safe 💖✨

Founder of Cor ( ). Founded @NodeSource , The Node Firm. Always bet on Node.js ✨ he/him

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